It is our mission to provide comprehensive low-cost treatment. As such, we do not accept any insurance. All of our patients are self-pay paying.  We will work our best to enter into agreements with local agencies that are able to assist patients with their program fees.

Many of our patients choose to submit claims through their insurance carriers.  We will provide any patient with a monthly statement outlining the fees that have been paid to this agency.  Each insurance carrier has their own guidelines for reimbursement.  Additionally, we will assist any and all patients who are pursuing reimbursement through their insurance carriers.

Our agency provides individualized treatment services at a reduced rate when compared with the cost of inpatient treatment. It is our goal to provide these services to all who qualify at a lower rate than any other local private treatment center.

Please contact us at 757-410-7966 and speak with one of our representatives who can assist you further.  If you prefer you can address any questions you may have to us at

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